Loans for Virtually Every Need (and Desire)

Tell us your need and some basics related to your current financial situation. Our bankers will work with you to determine the funding approach that is most appropriate for you. We have the following fixed-term, fixed-rate products at our disposal:

Home Equity Loans

An excellent borrowing vehicle that may provide you with the opportunity to deduct the interest you pay from your annual income taxes by leveraging the equity you have accumulated in your home as collateral. Consult your tax advisor to be certain.

Installment Loans

Most often used for the purchase of automobiles, motor homes, and recreational vehicles. An Installment Loan is typically secured using the vehicle that is to be purchased as collateral.

Personal Loans

Used for anything from the payment of medical bills or tax payments, to funding a family vacation. Personal loans can be either secured by collateral or unsecured. Due to increased potential risk for the bank, interest rates for unsecured loans are typically significantly higher than those for loans that are secured by collateral.

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