Electronic Statement / Notice Disclosure

This agreement authorizes First National Bank of Elk River to deliver your bank statement or bank notices for your account to you, by electronic delivery. An electronic bank statement is called an “E-Statement” and an electronic bank notice is called an “E-Notice”. Upon agreeing to this disclosure and successfully testing the electronic delivery method, you will then receive periodic electronic notifications that your statement and/or notices are available to you.

In order for your E-Statement and/or E-Notices to be delivered, the electronic delivery service will need to be tested and validated before electronic delivery can be initiated. Once you sign up for E-Statements and/or E-Notice, you will receive an e-mail that you will need to respond to. When you validate your account with the e-mail notification, the setup is complete.

Although you are electing to receive your bank statement and/or notice electronically, you have the right to have your bank statement and/or notice provided or made available on paper or in non-electronic form. You have the right to withdraw your consent to receive your bank statement and/or notices electronically at any time by un-enrolling from the service through your First National Bank of Elk River NetTeller account. The E-Statement and/or E-Notice service will be discontinued within five (5) working days and you will receive your statement and/or notice in paper form. If your account is based on having your statement or notice electronically delivered, it may have to be changed to a new account type to accommodate the delivery of a paper statement and/or notice. If changes to a new account type, any fees or changes associated with the account type would apply.

You must be a First National Bank of Elk River Internet banking customer in order to access your electronic bank statement and/or notice. Your personal computer (PC) must support 128-bit encryption to access Internet banking. You can test if your PC supports 128-bit encryption with the “test browser” link on the login page to Internet banking.

You are responsible for providing us with updated information that we need to contact you electronically, including any change in your e-mail address, etc. We will send you a notice electronically indicating that your statement and/or notice are available. The notice will allow you to log in and retrieve your statement and/or notice electronically. If we change any requirements, we will notify you of the revised requirements.

By agreeing to this disclosure, you are authorizing First National Bank of Elk River to provide bank statements and/or notices for your chosen accounts by electronic means. You understand and agree that by requesting electronic delivery, you will not receive statements and/or notices in paper form that are delivered by the United States Postal Service unless you specifically discontinue the E-Statement and/or E-Notice services as described in this disclosure. You agree that electronic delivery will satisfy First National Bank of Elk River’s requirement to provide you a periodic statement and/or notice on your account. Your consent shall remain valid until such time as you exercise your right to revoke this consent. First National Bank of Elk River retains the right to discontinue this service at any time. Your E-Statement and/or E-Notice service will be discontinued if the e-mail notice is returned undeliverable for any reason. Should your E-Statement and/or E-Notice service be discontinued, First National Bank of Elk River will resume the delivery of your periodic statement and/or notice in paper format via the United States Postal Service.